Northwest Editing
My name is Talia Leduc, and my goal as an editor is to work together with my clients to develop projects adhering to high standards of style, consistency, and grammar. I edit a wide variety of material, including manuscripts, academic texts, and web copy. If you would like to discuss your project or receive a free sample edit, please contact me.

I have worked with traditionally and independently published clients from across the world and am happy to provide editorial support for ESL authors and for projects at any editorial stage. My past projects include a wide range of manuscripts from the following genres:

• Early reading

• Children’s literature

• Fantasy

• Horror

• Literary fiction

• Memoirs

• Nonfiction

• Romance

• Science fiction

• Thrillers

• Young adult fiction

Whether you’ve written your first book and would like a critical review or are ready to publish and need a thorough proofread, I would be pleased to speak with you about your project goals and recommend a suitable level of editing for your material.
⌄ Manuscript consultation
During a manuscript consultation, I will read your material critically and provide you with a report making suggestions to improve narrative elements. For fiction manuscripts, the evaluation may address issues with plot, characterisation, or pacing, whereas a . . . Read more

⌄ Structural editing

Structural editing involves reorganising a fiction or nonfiction manuscript to improve its readability. During a structural edit, I will make suggestions regarding the order of chapters or subsections, including character introductions and . . . Read more

⌄ Stylistic + copy editing

Stylistic editing involves making changes to clarify meaning and improve sentence structure. During a stylistic edit, I will read the material line by line and edit for readability, word choice, and reading level. Stylistic editing is often combined with . . . Read more

⌄ Fact checking

Fact checking involves verifying information or citations in a nonfiction text. For a fact-checking project, I will read through the material and use external or author-provided sources to check over statistics and . . . Read more

⌄ Indexing

Indexing involves creating a reference guide for a nonfiction book. To create an index, I will read through the material and choose subjects or concepts that encompass the key themes of the work. These elements will be arranged alphabetically by . . . Read more

⌄ Proofreading

Proofreading is the final stage of editing. During a proofread, I will look over the edited material to catch any remaining minor errors or inconsistencies. For printed material, a proofread should be completed upon receipt of the final proof—this allows . . . Read more
Before beginning a project, I will always provide a free sample edit of a short section of the material—between three and five pages for a full manuscript—which allows me to give you an accurate quote and to make a recommendation as to the level of editing your project might require. All rates are quoted on a case-by-case basis according to the unique nature of each project, and I encourage you to contact me so we can talk about the best way to polish your text.



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